Ali's Fish Market

Ali's Fish Market provides fresh seafood for wholesale and retail

Fresh Fish:

Due to the wide network of suppliers we have around the county we are able to source our fish locally on a daily basis. All of our white fish is sourced in Ireland, weather permitting. We carry a wide range of white fish e.g. cod, hake, haddock. We also carry a whole range of prime fish also such as black sole, brill, and halibut.


At Ali’s fish market we stock a wide range of shellfish on a daily basis such as, mussels clams cockles, native oysters, pacific oysters and scallops. We provide a range of fresh cooked shellfish, such as crabmeat, crab claws and prawns.

We can also supply velvet crab, live shrimp, green crab, crayfish and winkles subject to pre ordering.

Exotic Fish:

Our exotic range of fish is sourced outside of Ireland from the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Azurs. We receive up to three deliveries per week. Our sources are reliable and fully complaint with food quality guidelines.

Services - Four Leaf Clover


Ali’s Fish Market (Four Leaf Clover) supplies some of the best hotels and restaurants around Connaught. We offer a delivery service to our customers in Galway, Athlone and Mayo, up to six days a week. We have a long lasting relationship with our customers, which we endeavor to keep through continuing to provide the best service and quality of fish possible.

Four Leaf Clover our whole sale company, provides a full range of white fish, smoked fish, live fish, shellfish, frozen and exotic fish to cater to our customers in the hospitality sector. We source most of our white fish from local boats in Rosaveal, but also from Castletownbere and Union Hall.  We provide our customers to the specification in which they like their fish to be prepared (i.e. size, de-scalling, pinning, skinning etc), ready for portioning by the chef. We are fully compliant with the H.A.C.C.A.P system in the day to day running of the factory and we are fully licensed by BIM and licensed by the inland fisheries board.

For orders and enquiries call 091-860000.